Our Story

Bridging the Gap Between Customer Experience and Expectation

Today’s customers expect to get exactly what they want when they want it. It’s an expectation that we apply to everything we do: we’re bringing the end-consumer closer than ever to the products they love.

Due to the constraints of sourcing components, manufacturing and assembly, and retail distribution, the old supply chain model puts a small group of people in charge of choosing what customers can or cannot consume.

We’re consolidating those components to enable customer-driven supply chains that are drastically simplified, responsive, and flexible.

What we believe in

Our Values

We consider the individual components of our business, organization, and communities in a holistic context while staying conscious of each layer.

Our values steer us on our path to delivering unmatched products and services.

We co-create our priorities, evolving them as we learn and quickly sidelining anything that distracts from our primary motivations.

We empower our communities to lead fuller, joyful lives by trusting our teams explicitly, then staying transparent about progress and learnings as we evolve.

We deepen our customer understanding and improve internal mechanisms by moving quickly to deploy, asking questions and valuing times when we see something different than initially expected.

In the face of the unknown, we work to quickly make sense of the situation, reframe thoughts, ask probing questions, and seek a true north that drives us towards a clear path.