Real-Time Custom Apparel Fulfillment

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Thanks to a rise in on-demand services, we’re used to getting what we want, when we want it. While some businesses have successfully adapted to this new standard, customized apparel (or print-on-demand) ironically has yet to catch up.

Customized apparel exists in an aging ecosystem that was simply not set up to handle the demand for speed and convenience in a cost-effective manner. Current practices deliver on a 2-week average with inconsistent quality, minimum order requirements for small batch orders, and massive waste due to inventory lead times (often 6+ months)

At Printforia, we’re applying the human expectation to business. Using AI-assisted technology designed for dense operating formats, we’re providing unmatched quality, speed, and innovation.

Our Story

2-Day Fulfillment

We’re not just printing on demand. Shoppers get their custom products 2 days after ordering.

100% Transparency

Our API communicates order status, inventory position, and other information critical for you to manage your business.

Zero Minimums

Zero minimums, zero exceptions—we’re specially built to quickly adapt and accommodate orders of all sizes, from one-offs to multi-design batches in the thousands.

Quality Assurance

Core to our process is AI-assisted quality enforcement. The result is vibrant, vivid colors that are a true match to the original print file.